About Us

Melda Boyd & Associates believe that better leaders produce better, more productive organizations– organizations that grow in capabilities and capacity, and in employee and customer satisfaction.  We offer skilled executive and leadership coaching and consulting services to further the growth of leaders, managers and their organizations.  We specialize in coaching leaders, from the executive suite to high-potential future leaders.

Melda Boyd & Associates are graduates of coaching programs certified by the International Coach Federation and adhere rigorously to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics.

Melda Boyd is a Certified Leadership Coach, Management and Leadership Consultant and President of Melda Boyd and Associates, LLC, the company she founded in 2010.

An accomplished problem-solver and experienced leader and manager herself, Melda Boyd specializes in helping leaders discover and develop their leadership skills.  Clients she has served as a leadership coach and consultant include executives of Fortune 500 companies, INC 500 companies, and the Federal Government, as well as leaders in Non-profit organizations.

Melda Boyd holds an Executive MBA from The George Washington University in Washington, DC and a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University, whose world-renowned coaching program is one of the few that specializes in Leadership Coaching.  She is a member of the International Coach Federation.  In more than 25 years of leadership and management experience across a broad range of functions, Melda has established a record of success that includes a number of highly productive start-up operations and business turnarounds within large organizations.

Melda Boyd is a talented Leadership Coach, who brings to coaching her highly developed listening skills, the ability to assess situations accurately and quickly, a knack for tailoring coaching practices to the needs of the individual client, and a deep desire to be of service to her clients.

What Melda Boyd’s clients say about working with her

“You’re great at this.  I like the fact that you don’t lead me to an answer that you’d like me to have and that you let me find my way.  Maybe it’s that I work with mostly men, but I feel like most of my interactions have been people trying to make me behave or act like they want me to and it’s often completely wrong for me.  Also, because it resonates with me, I like that you allow faith to enter into the discussion.  I think that we’re a good team and that we’ve accomplished some significant things together.”
–  IT VP, Fortune 500 Company

“Melda Boyd has been my coach for more than 6 months.  I have found her to be deeply committed to helping me succeed both personally and professionally, putting in the extra time and effort required to truly understand where I am coming from and where I want to go.   Melda’s insights and application of coaching principles have guided me through a period of tremendous personal and professional growth that continues today.  I highly recommend Melda to anyone who is thinking about coaching as an option to help them experience real growth and change in their lives.”
– VP,  Fortune 500 Insurance Company

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